Student Conduct

Document Number Document Name Version Document Type Status
DEAN-0012 Values-based Policy: Respect for Community v1.0 Policy Approved
DEAN-0013 Values-based Policy: Respect for Property v1.0 Policy Approved
DEAN-0014 Values-based Policy: Personal Responsibility v1.0 Policy Approved
DEAN-0015 Drugs Policy v1.0 Policy Approved
DEAN-0016 Alcohol Policy v3.0 Policy General Counsel Review
DEAN-0017 Hazing Policy v1.0 Policy Approved
DEAN-0019 University-initiated Withdrawal Policy v1.0 Policy Approved
PRES-0004 Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct v3.0 Policy Approved
PROV-0001 Ethical Use of Data Policy v2.0 Policy Approved
RESL-0014 Residential Hall and Common Space Policy v2.0 Policy Approved