Q: I know a policy was updated, so why am I still seeing the old version?

A: Please clear the cache of your browser and try again.


Q: A policy in the portal is out of date. Who should I notify?

A: Please send all comments and questions related to the policy portal to policy@trinity.edu


Q: How can I see the full text in the Policy Content section of a policy?

A: Simply click Expand All at the top of the Policy Content section.


Q: I bookmarked a policy last year on the inside.trinity.edu page. Why is it not working now?

A: In August 2019, Trinity launched a new policy portal at policies.trinity.edu. All policies were moved to the new portal.


Q: Do I need a username and password to view Trinity's policies?

A: No. The policy portal is open to anyone who visits policies.trinity.edu.