Environmental Safety

Document Number Document Name Version Document Type Status
EHS-0002 Hazardous Materials Policy v1.0 Policy Approved
EHS-0004 Open Flame Policy v2.0 Policy Approved
EHS-0005 Safe Working and Educational Areas Policy v1.0 Policy Approved
EHS-0009 Respiratory Protection Policy v4.0 Policy Approved
EHS-0010 Bloodborne Pathogens and Exposure Control Plan Policy v1.0 Policy In Progress
EHS-0011 Chemical Hygiene Plan Policy v2.0 Policy Approved
EHS-0012 Hot Work Policy v1.0 Policy Under Revision
HMRS-0022 Hazardous Materials - Classified Staff Handbook v1.0 Policy Approved
RISK-0016 COVID-19 Fall 2021 Campus Visitor Policy v2.0 Policy Approved
SCM-0004 COVID-19 Testing, Daily Symptom Checking, and Contact Tracing Policy v1.0 Policy Approved