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Central Receiving is responsible for the receipt of materials and supplies, shipping of materials and supplies, and retail sales of limited materials and supplies. The Facilities Services Department is responsible for all aspects of Central Receiving operations.


Policy Content
Upon receipt of purchases and materials, Central Receiving will inspect, scan, tag, and deliver items to the requesting department or individual. Only the exterior packaging will be inspected for possible freight or shipping damage. It is the responsibility of the requesting department to inspect the contents, verify merchandise ordered and received, and ultimately contact the vendor with any discrepancies.

All items are scanned and tagged using the SC Logic Scanning System. Central Receiving will deliver items to the requesting department or individual (if the person is available at the time of delivery), and obtain a signature on a scanner. In the case of oversized packages, Central Receiving will process a service request for Facilities Services delivery.

Orders purchased using a department purchase order (DPO) will be received and accepted on the Ellucian Colleague (Datatel) System

Note: The Central Receiving warehouse has limited space. Merchandise cannot be held nor stored long-term.
Departments that place an order under $1,000.00 (with DPO or P-Card) must notify the vendor directly when material is received in error, is defective, or in any way not acceptable. The department must request a Return Authorization (RA) number from the vendor. Once the return has been authorized, contact Central Receiving for pick-up of the items to be returned. All packages must be sealed and all pertinent information, including the RA number, must be communicated to Central Receiving for processing the return shipment.

On orders over $1,000.00 notify the Purchasing Office of any returns or shortages. The Purchasing Office will contact the vendor and request a RA number.
Central Receiving will inspect for obvious damage, irregularities, or discrepancies while accepting delivery from the freight company. The requesting department is responsible for notifying Central Receiving immediately if damage, an irregularity, or a discrepancy is noticed or occurs after delivery of merchandise. This notification should include:
  • Vendor's Name
  • Date received
  • Item(s) damaged
  • Condition of shipping container upon receipt
Please Note: All damaged materials should be preserved in the original container and state until Central Receiving issues instructions. Before a claim can be filled, an inspection by the carrier is made of the packaging. It is the responsibility of the requesting department to determine the liability for damaged materials, arrange for filing claims, and to initiate the request for replacement. Central Receiving is available to assist in processing these claims.
Central Receiving can assist with outgoing shipments via FedEx, or other freight companies. Contact Central Receiving for further information. For each outgoing shipment, fill out the Outgoing Shipping Form. The following information is required:
  • Name of vendor and/or individual with complete address
  • Method shipment (i.e., Federal Express, Freight Truck, etc.)
  • Value of shipment and amount of insurance required
  • Departmental account number to be charged for shipping expenses
  • Any special packaging required (sensitive equipment, special handling, etc.)

International Shipments: The sender must provide content information and dollar value of the shipment. Complete the required form or provide the information to Central Receiving.

Note: The Central Receiving warehouse has limited facilities available for packing and shipping of outgoing material. Special arrangements must be made for oversized shipments or for shipments that will not be picked up by the freight company within one workday.


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