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Trinity University recognizes the importance of balancing work and family to optimize performance for nursing mothers returning to work after the birth of a child. Supervisors are responsible for making reasonable accommodations to allow such employees the flexibility and privacy to express breast milk as needed throughout normal business hours.


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance in accordance with applicable laws on the responsibility of Trinity University to maintain equitable standards on accommodating employees who wish to express breast milk in the workplace.


This policy applies to all Trinity University faculty and staff.


This policy establishes Trinity’s commitment to providing reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk for a child for one year after the child's birth. Any employee seeking an exception to the one-year limit of this policy should discuss the matter with the employee’s supervisor and request an exception from Human Resources.
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  1. Employees who wish to express milk during work hours are entitled to take reasonable breaks as frequently as needed for up to one year following the birth of the employee’s child.
  2. The frequency and amount of break time allowed to express breast milk may vary and will include the time required to gather, clean, store necessary equipment, and any necessary travel time to and from the location used to express milk. This period may include combinations of standard paid break periods, lunch periods, and other applicable leave as necessary.  Consistent with the law, Trinity reserves the right to require breaks to be unpaid.
  3. Employees may work predetermined and approved variations of standard work schedules and supervisors are encouraged to support flexible work schedules to accommodate an employee’s needs associated with milk expression. Supervisors are responsible for contacting the Office of Human Resources if any issues arise or if they are unable to accommodate an employee’s request prior to making a final determination.
  4. Faculty members are advised to schedule their lactation breaks around their scheduled class times. In the case of extended class assignments or exams, faculty members should collaborate with their Chair to identify mutually convenient break times, and if necessary, substitute coverage.
1. Employees will be provided an accessible place, other than a bathroom, that allows privacy and is shielded from view and free from intrusion from other employees and the public where the employee can express breast milk.  The designated space: 
a.  May be the place where the employee normally works if there is adequate privacy (for example, the employee’s private office or a lockable conference room or another identified space);
b.  Should have an electrical outlet, table and chair, lock or signage on door prohibiting entry when in use; and
c.  When possible the lactation facility should be reasonably near a clean, safe water source or a sink for washing equipment; and have access to hygienic storage alternatives such as a refrigerator or space for the storage of breast milk.  
2. Human Resources is available to assist employees and supervisors in identify an appropriate location and schedule for accommodations that meet the requirements of this policy.
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