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Trinity University provides paid leave to employees who are required to participate in a legal process, under certain circumstances.


The purpose of this policy is to identify the circumstances when employees received paid leave during periods of participation in a legal process.


This policy applies to all Trinity University faculty and staff.


Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the applicable Vice President, in consultation with Human Resources. 
Policy Content
Faculty and staff who are subpoenaed to serve on a jury or as a witness (within the course and scope of their job for the University) will be granted paid leave for the periods of work missed while the individual is required to be present and participate in the legal process.  Vacation Leave will not be deducted to pay for Court Leave.
Any employee who has been subpoenaed to participate in a legal process (other than for jury duty), when such participation is personal in nature and not related to the employee’s position at the University, will receive unpaid leave during the period the employee is required to participate in the legal process.  Employees who serve as an expert witness for a case will receive unpaid leave for that service. Employees may use vacation as a substitute for unpaid leave.  This leave may also be used when an employee with custody or guardianship of a child is required to attend a legal process involving the child. 
Requests for Court Leave must be submitted through the employee’s supervisor and forwarded to the Human Resources Office. Evidence of a subpoena and of attendance will be required to support paid leave.
Court Leave should be reported on web time entry, time cards or leave request forms in accordance with the employee’s time keeping record requirements.
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