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This policy provides expectations, requirements, and instructions for staff interested in applying for and/or who have been approved for a Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA), an ongoing modified work schedule (Flex Schedule) and/or off campus work location (Flex Place). In addition, the policy outlines guidelines and expectations for department heads and supervisors who have staff who are requesting or have been approved for FWA.

FWA is a privilege, not an entitlement, and is granted at the sole discretion of Trinity University. The University may modify, suspend, or terminate the FWA policy for any reason and without prior notice.

New employees will be given the opportunity to apply for FWA after six months of employment. New Employees should discuss further with Supervisors for more information.


Trinity eligible staff will have the option to apply for Flex Schedule and/or Flex Place, a regular, recurring adjustment to their standard work schedule (typically 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) or location (Trinity University campus), within their individual departments. Not all staff who apply for FWA will be approved; reasons may include, but are not limited to, the nature of the staff member’s job responsibilities, adequate office coverage, staff performance, and the impact on business functions or customer service.
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Full-time, part-time, and temporary Trinity staff who are in the positions that can be performed remotely. Flex Place is not applicable to staff who have an active telecommuting agreement with the University or staff wanting to work outside of Texas.
Flexible Work Arrangements are intended to offer opportunities for employees to work from home who would normally commute to campus. Current Trinity employees who are seeking fully-remote work due to moving outside of a normal commute to campus should discuss options for continued employment with their supervisor. All such arrangements are subject to review on a case-by-case basis and require a recommendation by a Division VP and approval by the President or the President’s designee. Hiring managers considering an offer to an employee based outside of the San Antonio Metropolitan area, must have a recommendation from their Divisional VP and approval from the President or the President’s designee, prior to making such an offer.

This policy will be frequently reviewed and given consideration for further updates .
  • Staff with an approved FWA plan must adhere to all applicable departmental and University policies. Failure to comply with all policies may result in disciplinary action and/or revocation of their previously approved FWA.
  • Staff are expected to complete all job responsibilities and meet their work goals. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action and/or revocation of their previously approved FWAs.
  • Trinity’s See Also: Leave and Scheduled Absences  applies to staff members’ designated work hours
  • Staff may be required to record time worked and/or work that is completed and submit it to their supervisor.
  • Staff are expected to attend all required meetings and University commitments.
  • Staff may be required by their supervisor to move or adjust their on campus workspace, including the possibility of a shared workspace.
  • Staff should not care for dependents or other individuals during their assigned work hours.
  • Flex Place staff:
    • May be required to work on campus outside of their approved FWA remote work agreement.
    • Must work at the location that was approved on their FWA application.
    • Are responsible for the operating costs, internet service, home maintenance, equipment, or any other incidental costs (e.g. utilities, insurance.) associated with Flex Place.
    • Are required to ensure that their remote work conditions meet their own needs and the University's needs.
    • Must follow Trinity’s safety and See Also: Information Security Policy , including, but not limited to, having appropriate safeguards in place for the privacy and security of data, assets, and paperwork.
  • At the termination of a staff member’s Flex Place agreement, the staff must:
    • Work their approved schedule on campus starting on a date determined by their supervisor.
    • Immediately bring to campus all University owned property, including, but not limited to all notes, data, reference materials, sketches, drawings, memoranda, reports, records, equipment, software, and supplies, and any other University-owned property in the staff member’s possession or control back to the University.
  • Flex Schedule staff:
    • May be required to work hours outside of their approved FWA schedule.
    • Must follow procedures for any short term or temporary adjustment to their Flex Schedule.
  • At the termination of a staff member’s Flex Schedule agreement the staff member must return to their standard work schedule, typically 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, on a date determined by their supervisor.
  • The University will not be held responsible for costs, damages, or losses associated with the termination of FWA.
  • A staff member’s FWA may be amended or discontinued by their supervisor, department head, or Vice President for performance, changing needs of the department or University, or any other reason in the best interest of the department or University.
Staff requesting FWA (Flex Schedule and/or Flex Place) are required to fill out the Flexible Work Arrangement Application in advance of their requested FWA start date. The application will be electronically submitted to their direct supervisor for approval, denial, or adjustment. Supervisors should review and follow recommendations and requirements in the Supervisor and Department Head Expectations and Guidance section of this policy when making FWA decisions. Once a decision is made, the supervisor will update the FWA application with the decision (deny, approve, or adjust) and the specific remote work details and/or final schedule. An electronic copy of the application will be sent to the requesting staff member who can confirm receipt of the decision and, if applicable, agree to the final arrangement. A final copy of the application with corresponding decisions will be emailed to Human Resources, the FWA staff member, and the supervisor once all has been processed.
FWA staff or their supervisor should resubmit the FWA application and follow the application process outlined in this policy to request an ongoing adjustment to their FWA arrangement.
FWA staff or their supervisor are requested to resubmit the FWA application and select the option for terminating the Flex Place and/or Flex Schedule agreement.
If a staff member disagrees with their supervisor’s decision on their FWA application or adjustment:
  1. The staff member should contact their direct supervisor to learn more about the reasoning behind the decision. Supervisors and staff should collaborate to determine if there is a compromise that addresses the supervisors concerns while adding increased flexibility for the staff member.
  2. If a staff member and supervisor are unable to come to a reasonable compromise, the staff member may submit a request for Human Resources to mediate by emailing humanresources@trinity.edu.
  3. The final option for a staff member regarding a dispute on the decision regarding their FWA application is to file a grievance according to the Trinity University See Also: Grievance Procedure .
Supervisors and department heads are encouraged to offer flexibility in staff work schedules and/or work locations when it does not compromise: meeting department and University needs, maintaining a student-centered approach, and/or providing superior customer service to internal and external constituencies. Supervisors will decide, in consultation with their department head, if a staff member’s FWA application is approved, denied, or approved with adjustments, as well as any ongoing decisions and record keeping related to a staff member’s FWA.

Below is a list of expectations and guiding principles for supervisors related to staff FWA and their department needs.
  • Department Heads and Supervisors are required to:
    • Be familiar with and correctly administer the FWA policy.
    • Have transparent, collaborative, and ongoing conversations with staff regarding their FWA application or arrangement.
    • Provide as much advance notice as possible regarding any decision that may impact the staff’s FWA requests.
    • Evaluate FWA with their staff members during their annual performance evaluations and determine if any changes need to be made.
    • Maintain records on staff and supervisor communication related to FWA.
  • Department heads and their reporting supervisors should develop a department staffing plan in conjunction with FWA requests. In doing so, supervisors/department heads must:
    • Identify how important functions within the department will be staffed to ensure that department goals and University needs are met and remain student-centered and customer service oriented.
    • Ensure their department's main office phones are answered and front-facing desks are staffed during business hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except University holidays), and that the office’s core needs that are best-served face-to-face are accommodated.
    • Confirm that all staff responsibilities stay aligned with their job descriptions and that applicable requirements for exempt or non-exempt employment are maintained.
    • Consider how FWA requests impact the department workload and productivity; as well as the impact on other faculty, staff, students, customers, and other departments.
    • Determine reasonable adjustments that can be made to department processes or protocols in order to accommodate Flex Place or Flex Schedule (e.g. remote meetings; adjusted times for all staff meetings).
    • Provide transparent information to all department employees regarding expectations or procedures related to the integration of FWA in their department.
    • Regularly evaluate the effectiveness and fairness of the department staffing plan and make adjustments as needed, providing as much advance notice as possible to impacted staff.
The employment of any staff employed by the University is exclusively “at-will” employment, any previous verbal assurance, statement, or representation notwithstanding. Consequently, the employment of any staff employee may be terminated by the University at any time with or without reason or cause.
Trinity University reserves the right to amend, change, repeal any provision or section, or terminate this policy entirely, without prior written notice.
Terms & Definitions

Terms and Definitions:



Business Hours
Trinity’s standard business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding Trinityholidays. Some departments may have business hours outside of these times, including those
with shift work and positions that must be on-call, such as, Counseling Services, Residential
Life, and University Police.

Flex Place
Work arrangement where the staff performs a portion of their job off campus (typically in a home
office) on a regular, recurring basis.

Flex Schedule
An alternate arrangement for a regular, recurring work schedule that is outside of the standard 8
a.m. to 5 p.m. workday and/or Monday to Friday workweek.

Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA)
A regular, recurring adjustment to a staff member’s standard work schedule (Flex Schedule) or
location (Flex Place).

Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) Application
Application that a staff member can submit to be considered for Flex Schedule and/or Flex

Standard Work Schedule
A work schedule and location that is standard for a staff member’s position typically 8 a.m. to 5
p.m. on Trinity’s campus.

The person to whom the staff member reports directly.
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