Extreme Weather Conditions

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During periods of inclement weather, employees should make every reasonable effort to meet assigned work responsibilities. Employees who feel it is unsafe to traverse city streets leading to the University should notify his/her supervisor as early as possible. Employees absent, arriving late or leaving early due to adverse weather must charge such time to Vacation Leave or leave without pay. This applies even if a department head has granted approval for the time off.

Employees who had previously scheduled vacation time during adverse weather will have the time recorded as vacation. Likewise, all employees who are utilizing Sick Leave before and/or after periods of inclement weather will have the time off recorded as Sick Leave.

In the event that administrative offices are closed, the President or his/her designee (Vice-Presidents) will notify the University Crisis Management Team. The Crisis Management Team will then proceed with all appropriate notifications established by the University protocol.

When the University is declared officially closed by the President or his/her designee, classified employees will be granted administrative leave. Administrative leave time will not be charged to employees’ annual leave. If a classified employee is required to report to work or stay at work by the immediate supervisor the employee will be compensated as follows:

(a) Non-exempt employees will receive pay at straight time for all hours worked which did not exceed the regular forty (40) hour work week. Overtime pay at time and one half will be granted for hours worked in excess of forty (40) hours in addition to the regular pay. 67 Revised 06/2017

If partial closing of certain offices or units by the President or his designee occurs, classified employees must take Vacation Leave or leave without pay for that time period. Administrative leave will only be granted if the University has been declared officially closed by the President or his designee
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