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Long distance telephone calls are accounted for by the University's telephone system. Monthly notices are sent to each department, detailing the long distance calls that were placed. The charge is billed to the department's supply and expense account *object code 54220), based on a flat rate regardless of what day or time of day the call was made.
Long distance service is for official institutional business only. Personal long distance calls should not be charged to an institutional telephone. Any employee wishing to make a personal long distance call from an institutional telephone can do so by:
A written request to Information Technology Services can be submitted for employees who need to use a Trinity University telephone credit card while away from the office on business. The request must be approved by the chairperson, director, or vice president, and must specify the account number to be billed for calles. The card will be forwarded to the individual. The card must be returned to Information Technology Services when it is no longer needed. 
Departments are charged on a monthly basis for the cost of equipment used. Departments may purchase additional or replacement telephone instruments directly from off-campus sources. 
All requests for additions, deletions and/or relocation of departmental telephones shall be requested by contacting the Telecommunications department. Departments will be billed for any costs associated with a request to add or relocate a telephone. 
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