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If an individual plans to drive on University business, whether using a University-owned, personal or rental vehicle, the individual must be cleared and authorized to drive prior to driving . Effective Fall 2014, all cart drivers must be Authorized Drivers.


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  1. An Authorized Driver Request Form should be completed and submitted to Risk Management with a copy of their driver's license at least 5 working days prior to driving. The request form should be signed by the individual and his or her appropriate Supervisor. If an individual requests to drive their personal vehicle for University business, a copy of their auto liability insurance must also be submitted with the Request Form.
  2. All Authorized Drivers are required to review the Authorized Driver Policy and Guidelines annually. Drivers will acknowledge having read the Guidelines for Safe Driving by submitting a signed copy of the Authorized Driver Acknowledgement Form with the Request Form. (There is also an online version of the Authorized Driver Acknowledgement Form). The Department or Office should retain this form for 4 years or 4 years after age 18.
  3. Once the forms have been submitted, a Defensive Driver course from SafeColleges Training will be assigned. An email will come from SafeColleges Online Training with login information.
  4. After the course has been completed, the information contained in the Request Form will be used to request a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR). If the MVR reflects three or more moving violations within a 3 year period, regardless of fault, the request will be denied. The request may also be denied if the MVR reflects a DWI or a DUI.
  5. The individual will then be notified if they have been approved as an Authorized Driver for the University. **If requesting to be authorized for 11-passenger vans or golf carts, additional Van Driver training information will be sent at this time.
If an individual requests to be authorized to drive passenger vans, they must be approved Authorized Drivers and complete an additional online course entitled "Van Safety".  
All individuals that request to be authorized to drive golf carts must be Authorized Drivers and complete Golf Cart training. Cart drivers must review and adhere to the Golf Cart Policy and Pedestrian Only Areas.
Not sure if you're authorized? Click here for a list of approved Authorized Drivers.
Trinity University maintains Commercial Automobile Liability coverage on University-owned or hired vehicles and physical damage coverage only on hired automobiles (rental cars). Trinity does not maintain collision coverage on its fleet. Instead, the University self-insures for collision, meaning there is no insurance coverage available for physical damage claims unless caused by a third party driver. In the event of an accident involving a University-owned vehicle or a rental vehicle, the department or office responsible for the driver will be charged a $300 deductible.

There is no insurance coverage for theft of personal items from a vehicle.

If driving a personal vehicle for business purposes, insurance law requires Trinity's auto liability insurance to be excess (secondary) of any personal auto insurance (primary).

Please contact Risk Management and Insurance if you need Auto Liability Insurance Cards.
Should you have a need to contract with a Charter Bus Company for a University sponsored event, please see the Trinity University Charter Bus Policy.
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Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action in accordance with university policy.
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Terms and Definitions:



University Business
Any driving of University-owned vehicles, personal vehicles or rental vehicles to conduct business on behalf of Trinity University.  Examples may include, but are not limited to, trips to purchase supplies, to pick up a candidate from the airport, to a conference, or for a field trip.
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