Immunization, Health Record and Health Insurance Requirements for Students

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This policy addresses the health record and health insurance requirements for students at Trinity University.


This policy applies to students.


Distance Education students not physically present on campus are exempted from this policy.  
Policy Content
  1. Physical Exam must be performed by a licensed healthcare provider within the 12 months prior to matriculation, at the student’s expense. 
  2. Tuberculosis Screening must be performed within the six months prior to matriculation. Students determined to have risk factors for tuberculosis or tuberculosis exposure are required to have the TB Mantoux test, regardless of previous BCG vaccination, or they may choose to have the interferon-gamma release assay at their expense. Additional testing may be required at the student’s expense. Prior to matriculation, for the protection of those on campus, Trinity University requires that all students must submit to TB screening and testing, if risk for tuberculosis is determined. This applies to all students living on campus, even those claiming exemption to other immunizations or health record.
    1. Meningococcal vaccine is required for all new students and students returning from leave of absence who are under 22 years of age*. It must be administered at least 10 days before the first day of classes and within the 5 years prior to the first day of the term, as required by Texas Law.
    2. Two doses of measles/mumps/rubella vaccine (MMR) administered at least one month apart. The first dose must be given on or after the first birthday. Serologic titers, which document immunity to measles, mumps and rubella, are acceptable in the place of vaccine dates.
    3. A tetanus booster within the ten years prior to enrollment. Tdap is currently recommended for one booster dose, if it has not already been received.
    4. Polio vaccine series is required for students 18 years of age or younger; the last booster to be documented on the Health Record.
All students, undergraduate or graduate, enrolling for nine or more hours or participating in a full-time graduate program are required to have health insurance. To ensure compliance with this requirement all students will be billed for the Student Health Insurance Plan, SHIP, and enrolled in the SHIP at the end of Add/Drop unless the online insurance waiver, providing proof of personal health insurance, has been submitted. The deadline for submitting an insurance waiver is the end of Add/Drop, approximately six days after classes start. The online waiver must be submitted annually beginning at matriculation, in the fall for continuing students, and upon return from leave. Students are not eligible for a refund of the SHIP premium if the online waiver, with proof of insurance, has not been submitted by the end of Add/Drop, which is six class days or eight days after classes begin.
The Health Record forms must be submitted to Health Services by July 1 for those students matriculating in the fall semester. For students matriculating in the spring semester or returning from leave, health records and proof of immunization are due before students may register for classes. 

Students, requesting waiver of the requirement for SHIP, must submit the waiver online upon matriculation, annually before the fall semester and when returning from leave. The deadline for requesting waiver is the end of Add/Drop, which is six class days or eight days after classes begin.

Students requesting conscientious exemption from the health insurance requirement must submit the affidavit as described in Section II: d. upon matriculation, annually by the end of Add/Drop for the fall semester and when returning from leave.
A student, who has not provided the required documentation of the Meningococcal vaccine to Health Services, as required by Texas law, will not be permitted to register or attend classes until the requirement is met. The law allows the University to permit a 10-day extension of the deadline in special circumstances, e.g. a student who lives in an area where the Meningococcal vaccine is not available. A request for a 10-day extension does not release the student from the requirement and must be submitted to Health Services for consideration. 

Students who fail to provide the required Health Record jeopardize their continued enrollment at the university. A restrictive hold will be placed on that student's account preventing registration for the following semester until the required documentation has been provided.
Terms & Definitions

Terms and Definitions:



Health Record
The Trinity University medical forms reviewed and signed by a licensed healthcare provider, to include: health history, documentation of a physical exam, tuberculosis screening and verification of required immunizations.
Medical Waiver
Statement from licensed healthcare provider explaining medical reasons to release the student from the immunization requirement(s).
Immunization Waiver
A person wishing to request a vaccine exemption for reason of conscience must submit a form obtained from the Texas Department of State Health Services. Information about requesting an Immunization Exemption Affidavit Form. When signing the Immunization Exemption Affidavit Form it is also acknowledged that the student may be excluded from school attendance in times of emergency or epidemic declared by the Texas Commissioner of Health.
Conscientious Exemption from Health Record and Health Insurance Requirements
An affidavit must be submitted that is signed by the student, or if a minor, by his or her parent or legal guardian. The affidavit should state that the physical exam and health insurance requirement conflicts with the tenets and practice of a recognized church or religious denomination of which the student is an adherent or member. This does not exempt the student from tuberculosis screening. Conscientious exemption for Health insurance must be submitted annually before the end of Add/Drop. See III., d.
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