Position Classification and Reclassification

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  1. Classification specifications are descriptive only and are not restrictive. The use of a particular expression of duties, qualification requirements or other attributes shall not be construed to exclude others not specifically mentioned.
  2. Official classification titles shall be used in all personnel, accounting, budget and financial records. 

All requests for new classified positions will be made in written form to the President, usually during the annual budget review period. The Director of Human Resources shall recommend the appropriate classification and compensation for new positions to the Vice-President of the area for evaluation and recommendation to the President.

Authorized positions may be reclassified by submitting a written request through the appropriate channels up to the Vice-President of the area. Each request should contain justification and identification of changes in duties and responsibilities. The request will then be forwarded to Human Resources for evaluation of the position for reclassification.
  1. Reclassification of a position shall be recommended by the Director of Human Resources based upon duties actually performed as a result of a job study, audit, reorganization, or the establishment of a new classification.
  2. Position reclassification should be requested when the level of duties assigned to one employee requires greater or lesser skill and/or responsibility on the part of an incumbent.
  3. The implementation of a new classification may be delayed depending upon funding available or the new budgetary year.

The Director of Human Resources may recommend to the Vice-President of an area the downgrading or reclassification of a position as a result of a job study which clearly establishes that duties and responsibilities of a position do not meet the requirements specified for the assigned classification.

The Director of Human Resources may recommend to the Vice-President of an area that specific classified job titles be “redlined” for deletion from the University Classification Pay Plan. When this occurs, the job title is generally deleted from the Trinity University Pay Plan through employee attrition.
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