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Students who withdraw from all registered courses after the start of a semester may be eligible for a refund of charges through the Office of Student Accounts in accordance with University policy. Upon receiving notification from the Registrar's Office that a student has withdrawn from all registered courses, the Office of Financial Aid determines how much financial aid a student is able to retain for the semester based on the date of the withdrawal and the sources of aid received.

Financial aid funded through Trinity and state resources are evaluated relative to any refund of tuition charges that may occur. For example, a student receiving a refund equivalent to 50% of tuition charges will retain 50% of the institutional or state aid disbursed to the student account. Financial aid received from private sources is returned only if specifically instructed to do so by the funding agency or organization.

Federal regulations require Trinity to have a Return to Title IV policy to address the treatment of federal student aid funds in instances of student withdrawal. Under this policy, the Office of Financial Aid is required to perform a calculation to determine the amount of federal student aid funds that a student may retain in the event of withdrawal from the University based on a pro-rata calculation determined by the total number of days in the semester and the date of withdrawal. 

Withdrawing from courses can have a significant immediate impact on a student's financial aid as well as impact eligibility to receive aid in the future. Students considering withdrawal from the University are encouraged to meet with a counselor in the Office of Financial Aid to discuss the implications of such a decision on financial aid.
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