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  1. Trinity University, in accordance with the “Safety and Health Policy,” recognizes the safety concerns posed by the use, storage and disposal of hazardous materials. Each department must comply with federal, state and local safety laws and regulations in addition to generally accepted safety procedures and practices.
  2. Department safety procedures are subject to review, coordination and audit by the Environmental Health and Safety Office and the University Safety and Health Committee.
  3. Applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations will be made available by the Environmental Health and Safety Office. Each department will have the primary responsibility to implement and maintain such laws and regulations.
  4. Departments utilizing hazardous materials shall post adequate notice to employees advising them of their rights under applicable state and federal standards.
  5. Departments must utilize storage practices appropriate for the materials stored. Fire resistant cabinets and safety containers should be utilized for highly flammable materials. Designated storage areas are to be utilized for items requiring special handling and/or segregation.
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