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Trinity University provides a learning environment that may be subject to major disruptions as a result of occurrences beyond the control of the institution. All members of the University community should exercise good judgment in responding to these events as the situation necessitates. The institution will try to provide emergency and limited services during periods of disruptions. The President or his designee shall make the determination to close the entire institution, suspend or postpone classes, curtail activities, or to make the University available for community support. Each department shall be responsible for the distribution of emergency information and the development of emergency procedures consistent with the responsibilities in its areas.
1) Authority to completely close the University rests with the President or his/her designee.

2) The authority to close individual university facilities or activities on the campus will rest with the director of that area or his/her designee in consultation with the appropriate vice president, if possible, and be coordinated with the Department of University Police.

3) In those cases where an emergency may be of such magnitude that it requires a timely decision, and the President and Vice Presidents are not available, those administrators or staff immediately involved with the problem shall take the action necessary to preserve life and property in conjunction with the Department of University Police until such time as an officer of the University can be contacted.
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