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This policy defines the types of events that may be held in University facilities and on University-hosted online platforms, the associated approval process, and the applicable restrictions.


To outline the conditions for use of University facilities and University-hosted online platforms by University departments, student organizations, and third-parties. 


All faculty, staff, students, student organizations and third-parties utilizing Trinity University facilities or University-hosted online platforms for an event.


Academic courses are scheduled by the University Registrar and are not covered by this policy. Gatherings of Trinity faculty, staff, or students that are Department or Office gatherings; periodic meetings with no outside speakers present; or events published in the class schedule that are held within the classroom are not governed by this policy.  University departments who routinely hold frequent and recurring events, such as musical or theatrical performances, may make separate arrangements with the Approving Authority and the Events Review Committee for a consolidated and expedited review of such events.
Policy Content
All use of Trinity University facilities and University-hosted online platforms  must be consistent with the University’s educational mission, including the statement on the Student Rights & Responsibilities.  Priority is given to Trinity’s operations activities and Trinity-sponsored events. The land and buildings of Trinity University are private property, and the University reserves the right to control access to its campus and the use of its space and facilities. Federal and State statutes relating to private property and the rights of individuals will apply.

The guiding philosophy is that all space belongs to Trinity University. There is no space, classroom, area, or venue that belongs to an individual, department, or office. All facility use must comply with all University policies and regulations and the law.

Facilities may be made available for rental for an External Event at the discretion of the Approving Authority, as long as the External Event is consistent with the University’s mission and does not interfere with University operations or conflict with a Trinity-sponsored event or Student Organization-sponsored event.

At certain special times during the academic year (for instance, New Student Orientation, Fall Family Weekend, Spring Family Showcase, Alumni Weekend, and Commencement Weekend), priority will be given to reservations directly associated with the major event.

Virtual events hosted on University platforms (e.g., Tiger Network, Trinity's official social media accounts, or on Trinity-owned or licensed technologies) involve the use of the University's name and resources and should generally follow the principles and policies applicable to in-person events. 

Except as set forth herein, no office or department of the University has the authority to commit the use of Trinity University facilities or to process, evaluate, or act upon such a request.
            1.  Space Reservation and Event Approval
All Trinity-sponsored and Student Organization-sponsored events are subject to the availability of space and require approval by the applicable Approving Authority.  Each event shall have a designated Event Sponsor. The Event Sponsor assumes complete responsibility for the scheduling of the event, all event arrangements, and attending and monitoring the event while it is in progress, or designating a person to be responsible for the same.  The Event Sponsor or designee must be accessible in advance of and during the event to address any concerns that may arise.

The Event Sponsor must request the event by submitting a T-SPACE Reservation in accordance with the Event Review Guidelines. T-SPACE Reservation must be submitted for all events except: routine department or office meetings or gatherings; periodic meetings with no outside speakers present; events held within an academic space that are part of the curriculum for an academic course.  Except in extenuating circumstances, the T-SPACE reservation shall be submitted at least one month prior to the event.  Note: Reservations for Restricted Spaces must follow the process outlined in subpart C, below.

Student Organization Event Sponsors will complete the Student Involvement Event Information Form and submit to Student Involvement for review and approval. If the location of the event is reservable in T-SPACE, then the Student Organization will submit a T-SPACE reservations Request. 

The T-SPACE Reservation Request and/or the Student Organization Event Information Form will be sent to the Approving Authority, who will determine whether to approve or deny the event without further review or to seek recommendations from the Event Review Committee before acting on the request.  If T-SPACE Reservation Request or Student Organization Event Information Form is sent to the Events Review Committee, the Committee will assess the event consistent with the Event Review Guidelines and make recommendations to the Approving Authority for consideration.

T-SPACE Reservation Requests will not be confirmed until the Request and/or Student Organization Event Information Form is approved and signed by the appropriate Approving Authority. Events cannot be promoted or advertised until the T-SPACE reservation request has been approved.  For Student Organization events, the Event Information Form must be approved by Student Involvement and if applicable, the T-SPACE Reservation Request must be approved before advertising the event. Failure to comply with T-SPACE Guidelines and Event Review Guidelines, including timely notice of cancellation, will result in the loss of facilities usage privileges in the future.

            2.  Event Support and Costs
Space is provided at no cost for Trinity-sponsored and Student Organization-sponsored events.  However, charges may be assessed for Trinity University’s direct costs in supporting the event, as appropriate, to meet the unique needs associated with the event. 

Once an event is approved by the Approving Authority, the Event Sponsor is responsible for coordinating with appropriate University departments to address the unique needs and pay the associated costs (including overtime fees), if any, for the event, including, for example:

        -Facilities Services for space set-up arrangements.
        -Trinity University Police Department for security and parking needs
        -Housekeeping to request routine or special cleaning.
        -Laurie Auditorium and/or Information Technology Services for audio-visual   equipment and technicians.
        -Aramark/Dining Services to arrange food and beverage services. For events with alcohol on-campus, see the Event Review Guidelines.

            3.  Participation and support by outside individuals
When Trinity-sponsored or Student Organization-sponsored events involve the participation of outside individuals, the Event Sponsor is responsible for ensuring the outside participants comply with applicable University policies.

When a third-party provides services in conjunction with or in support of the Event, the Event Sponsor is responsible for complying with the Contract Policy and Procedures.
All requests for use of Trinity University facilities for an External Event must be submitted through Conferences and Special Programs Event Submission Form.  The request will be routed to the appropriate Approving Authority.

Use of Trinity University facilities by external parties requires that the event be consistent with the interests and purposes of the University as expressed in policies and statements adopted by the Board of Trustees. Examples of External Events that are not consistent with the interests and purpose of the University include, but are not limited to: for-profit business seminars, workshops, or classes; recurring meetings or events; public religious services; fundraising events. In addition, not all University facilities are available for use for External Events. 

External Events will not be approved to occur on an official University holiday, except in extraordinary circumstances, as determined by the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

All External Events must comply with the University’s Contract Policy and Procedures.  The external party will be responsible for all costs incurred by the University relating to the event.
Restricted spaces may or may not be listed on T-SPACE and may be subject to additional restrictions.
  1. The views and opinions of speakers and the use of the University’s facilities or online platforms in no way implies any endorsement by the University.
  2. The University reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate, cancel, reschedule and/or relocate a speaker or event and to limit attendance an event, including to members of the campus community.
  3. An invitation to speak or permission to hold an event at Trinity University or through its online platforms does not authorize any unlawful activity; activity that endangers or threatens to endanger the health, safety, or welfare of any member of the community; activity that damages or threatens any of the University’s facilities; or activity that disrupts or is reasonably anticipated to disrupt the University’s operations.
  4. All events must advance and be consistent with the University’s mission.
  5. Failure to comply with a request by a University official, such as a campus police officer or administrator, may result either in removal from the event or termination of the event itself. Disciplinary actions against members of the University community may also be warranted in such cases.
  6. All events involving partisan or non-partisan political activity must comply with the University's "Guidelines for Political Activities for Students” and not threaten the University’s status as a 501(c)(3) organization.
  7. Once the event is approved, existing logistical plans and arrangements may not be changed within five days of the event.
  8. Event promotion may not proceed until the event is approved by the Approving Authority. Event promotion must comply with the Commercial Enterprise Policy and the Solicitation and Promotion Policy.
Terms & Definitions

Terms and Definitions:



Academic Space
Includes, but is not limited to, lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories, dance and fine arts studios, theatres, and seminar rooms used for credit-bearing, instructional purposes. Academic spaces are scheduled and managed at all times by the Office of the Registrar.

Approving Authority
A Trinity University administrator (Chair/Director and above) who has operational authority over the department holding the Event, or the Trinity University employee who has been delegated responsibility to approve events in a particular campus location. 

Event Information Form
Refers to the form that a Student Organization Event Sponsor is required to complete and submit to Student Involvement as the Approving Authority for approval of an event
Event Review Committee
Comprises faculty, staff, and student representatives. The committee meets regularly to review proposed events and provides recommendations for event management to the Approving Authority.

Event Sponsor
Must be a Trinity University faculty, contract or classified staff member or a student organization representative who is hosting the event.


External Event
An event or activity that is not affiliated with any Trinity department or organization. Events or activities held or sponsored by a Trinity University faculty, staff, and students in their personal capacity (as opposed to as part of a university department or registered/sponsored organization) are external events.

Any land, building, and indoor or outdoor space owned or controlled by Trinity University.

Non-Academic Space
Includes conference rooms, meeting rooms, outdoor areas, and all other spaces not primarily intended for credit-bearing, instructional purposes.

Restricted Space
Includes the Great Hall, the Forrest M. Smith Dining Room, Miller Fountain, Board Room, Trustee Conference Room, Lot A Annex, Northrup Hall Lobby, Northrup Hall Garage, and all other spaces that may be reserved only with special permission from the President’s Office.


Student Organization-Sponsored Event
An event or activity held by a registered, University-sponsored, or fraternity/sorority student organization.

Trinity Scheduling Planning and Calendaring Events System (T-SPACE)
A university reservation system used to reserve all spaces on campus.

Trinity-Sponsored Event
An event or activity held by an academic department or administrative office of the University.

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