COVID-19 Illness, Quarantine, and Isolation Policy

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This policy describes the restrictions and steps members of the Trinity community should follow when they experience COVID-19 symptoms, test positive for COVID-19, are exposed to COVID-19, or travel to locations with a high prevalence of COVID-19.


Trinity University cares about the well-being of our campus community, and wants to remind all persons of expectations for maintaining a living, learning, and work environment that protects health and safety which include quarantine and isolation as outlined in this policy. Individuals should consult the Health and Wellness Guidelines and Travel Policy for additional information on well­ being and approval for any travel for University business.


This policy applies to faculty, staff, and students, as well as contractors, volunteers, and visitors


During the initial surveillance testing of faculty, staff, and students upon return to campus for the Fall 2020 semester, individuals who are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 are not required to self-quarantine or isolate pending COVID-19 test results.
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In order to protect the health and safety of members of the Trinity University community, the University expects individuals (including faculty, staff, students, contractors, volunteers, and visitors) to follow the guidance of public health officials (including the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District: 210-207-5779 and the CDC), the Trinity University COVID-19 Health Team, and their personal medical provider as it relates to self-quarantine and isolation in relation to potential exposure to or diagnosis with COVID-19.

As set forth in this policy, individuals must self-quarantine if they're awaiting test results, have not been tested, but had close contact with someone exposed to COVID-19, or believe they may have been exposed to the virus. Those in self-quarantine who do not undergo testing must stay away from campus for the period designated by public health guidance. They must also do daily symptom checks.

If the individual undergoes testing which returns a positive result, the individual must isolate and must be monitored by the Trinity COVID-19 Health Team on a daily basis.

If the test result returns a negative result, the employee or student must seek guidance from the COVID-19 Health Team before returning to class or campus.

Individuals should contact the Trinity COVID-19 Health Team at 210-999-8235.

Individuals are restricted from campus and should self-quarantine or isolate after certain international or domestic travel, exposure to COVID-19, pending a COVID-19 test, and after testing positive for COVID-19.  Individuals who live off campus are prohibited from being on campus during a period of self-quarantine or isolation.  Unless otherwise directed, individuals who live on campus must complete the period of self-quarantine or isolation in their personal residence (e.g., residence hall room) and are prohibited from all other parts of campus.
  • Self-Quarantine After International Travel
University-related international business travel is restricted under the COVID-19 Travel Policy until further notice. Individuals returning from international travel must follow current CDC guidelines, including for self-quarantine for the designated length of time. More information: Travelers from Countries with Widespread Sustained (Ongoing) Transmission Arriving in the United States.
  • Self-Quarantine After Domestic Travel
Travelers returning from locations within the United States with a high prevalence of COVID-19 (per the CDC locations experiencing high volumes of community spread) are required to contact Trinity COVID-19 Health Team, their personal physician, and/or the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District for guidance. Individuals may be asked to self-quarantine pending guidance from the Trinity COVID-19 Health Team, the personal physician, or San Antonio Metropolitan Health Department and then follow the guidance provided. In the absence of such guidance, the individual should self-quarantine and self-monitor for the period of time required by the CDC for persons who have been exposed to COVID-19  from the point of departure from a high prevalence area before returning to campus, in an abundance of caution and desire to prevent spread of the disease. When possible, individuals should consult the COVID-19 Health Team and their Supervisor, if applicable, for guidance before traveling, as the domestic public health conditions vary by region and over time.
  • Self-Quarantine After Close Contact
Individuals who have had potential exposure to COVID-19 (such as close contact with a person under investigation or who has tested positive for COVID-19), should not return to the campus, even if they have no symptoms, and are required to Self-Quarantine for up to 14 days, in accordance with current CDC guidelines. Consistent with recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, you are also expected to self-monitor and consult with your medical care provider, the Trinity COVID-19 Health Team, and/or local health department by phone for guidance.

  • Isolation Pending Testing Results or After a Positive COVID-19 Test
Individuals that are undergoing testing for COVID-19 or have tested positive for COVID-19 are required to be in Isolation for a period of time as dictated by treating Physician, Trinity COVID-19 Health Team, and/or the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District. If an individual tests positive, the individual should isolate for fourteen days and three symptom-free days. If an individual tests negative, the individual should continue self-quarantine for two to five more days, as directed by their treatment provider, and if no symptoms have arisen after that time the individual may return to campus. Individuals should contact the COVID-19 Health Team for specific guidance and direction about the period of isolation or self-quarantine.

In all of the four circumstances, faculty and staff should notify Human Resources at (210) 999-7507 or when starting quarantine and/or isolation and before returning to campus.

Faculty, staff, and students should complete the daily symptom checker each day.  Individuals who have symptoms of respiratory COVID-19 must stay home.

An employee who exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 at work will be sent home. Standard University leave policies apply to the use of leave, except that employees who are within the first six months of employment, who are typically not permitted to use vacation leave, will be allowed to use accrued vacation. Any employee who misses three or more days of work due to illness or who tested positive for COVID-19 will be required to provide documentation to Human Resources from a health care provider to support return to work on campus; however, documentation may also be requested for periods shorter than three (3) days.

If you are aware of someone who is exhibiting signs of illness, and has been on campus or expected to come back to campus, you should contact the Trinity COVID-19 Health Team immediately at 210-999-8235, so the University can initiate required health, cleaning, and disinfection protocols.
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Failure to follow this policy may result in sanctions in accordance with applicable University policy and procedures.
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