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Trinity University provides paid leave to employees on designated holidays.


The purpose of this policy is to establish paid time off for designated University holidays and to identify how employees who are required to work on a designated holiday will be compensated.


This policy applies to all Trinity University faculty and staff.


Temporary employees do not receive holiday leave.
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All regular (non-temporary) employees shall be entitled to those holidays which have been officially authorized by the President of the University. All offices and departments will be closed and employees excused except for necessary operations and emergencies which have been authorized (except as otherwise provided herein).

A holiday is defined as a period of University paid leave when employees are normally scheduled to be present at the work site. Employees who are absent from work either the day before, the day after a holiday or both days will receive holiday pay provided that absence is due to approved paid vacation or paid sick leave. If an employee is Leave Without Pay the day before, the day after a holiday, or both days, the employee will not receive holiday pay. If an employee works overtime in a week where a holiday falls, the holiday hours will not be counted as hours worked towards the overtime hours.

When a holiday falls on a weekend, the University will normally observe the holiday on a day before or a day after the holiday, as officially designated by the President of the University. If it is necessary that a staff employee work on a holiday, the supervisor will initiate a Request for Holiday Work form to be sent before the next payday to the Payroll Office. One of the following options, dependent upon departmental needs and employee preference, will be utilized:
  1. The employee may be granted equivalent time off equaling the holiday hours worked with pay in the same work week. This item will be checked on the Request for Holiday Work form and the date of the time off specified if elected. The unit’s copy of the approved form will be retained with the employee’s time card or documented on web time entry.
  2. Time equaling the holiday hours worked may be added to the employee’s vacation leave. This item will be checked on the Request for Holiday Work form if it is elected. The unit’s approved copy will be forwarded to Human Resources by the Payroll Office.
  3. A non-exempt (hourly) employee may be granted additional (double) pay in lieu of time off with pay. When this option is utilized a Request for Holiday Work form must be submitted in advance to the Department Chair or Director for approval.
In addition, any classified employee required to work Easter Sunday shall be entitled to double pay for those hours worked up to eight (8) hours. All hours worked in excess of eight (8) hours will be paid at the standard rate or as overtime, if applicable.

An employee who resigns or is terminated prior to or on a holiday shall not receive compensation for the holiday hours. Compensation for holiday hours requires that the employee must have been scheduled for and available to work that day and that he or she return for at least one (1) work day after the holiday.
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