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The purpose of this policy is to outline the process by which Trinity University acquires, replaces, and disposes of computer hardware equipment as well as the purchasing of personal computers and laptops for faculty and staff.


This policy applies to all full-time and part-time employees and to the purchase of all equipment issued by the University regardless of University funding sources.
Policy Content
All computer equipment purchases must be coordinated with Information Technology Services before any purchases are made.
Departments receiving computer equipment as gifts from individuals, corporate sponsorships, and grants must work with Information Technology Services before accepting equipment donations. Equipment gifts will be reviewed to ensure that the gift may be utilized in the Trinity environment and that ongoing support can be provided.
Full-time faculty and staff positions will be assigned one primary computer. The computer assigned to a user as their primary system will be the machine covered under the computer replacement cycle. Those users with non-primary computers may either be upgraded out of the ITS computer redistribution pool or by other departmental funds.

Computers that are part of the ITS computer replacement cycle will be replaced with a new standard computer. Information Technology Services will also cover the costs of a new standard machine requested for a newly created position.

The general guidelines for replacement of primary systems are:
A standard configuration will be established by Information Technology Services on an annual basis. Any upgrades to the hardware configuration beyond the scope of the standard configuration will be charged to the requesting department.

Full-time faculty have the choice of a Windows or Apple laptop or desktop based on a standard configuration.

Full-time staff will receive a standard Windows desktop unless justification for an upgrade can be provided and approved by the respective Vice President. If equipment other than a Windows desktop is approved by the Vice President, any monetary difference will be paid by the respective departmental funds. Any staff replacement personnel will inherit the computer used by the previous holder of that position, unless that computer was purchased or has been in use for four years.
Standard software on machines will include:
Standard desktop configurations for both PCs and Macs will include a CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Standard laptop configurations for both PCs and Macs will only include the laptop. External monitors may be supplied depending on availability in redistribution. Laptop setups do not include carrying cases, docking stations, and monitor stands.
Full-time employees will have the option of purchasing their primary computer system at time of replacement once ITS identifies it as decommissioned. Please note the following:
  • The purchase price will be current fair market value as determined by ITS.
  • Purchaser is responsible for ensuring equipment data is backed up prior to submitting it for decommission (no Trinity data can remain on the device).
  • Computers that have been decommissioned must be processed through ITS and re-imaged before purchase.
  • Once a device is decommissioned by ITS, it will no longer be supported by Trinity University staff in any capacity.
  • All equipment must be removed from campus once the purchase is complete.
  • All sales are final and “as is” condition. Information Technology Services provides no warranty.
Follow this process to purchase decommissioned equipment:

Requests by employees to purchase their decommissioned computer system must be made through Information Technology Services by sending an email to


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