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In order to provide merit-based promotions for qualified staff in administrative, office and
technical positions within a department.


When a job opening occurs within a department, the previous practice/policy
required a posting period, even when an employee in the same department could be promoted
into the position who meets the minimum qualifications. This practice diminishes the positive
recognition and reward impact for the employee who must compete for a job for which they are
obviously qualified and it wastes the time of the department manager and those who apply for
the posting when there is a favored candidate.

This policy creates a way for department managers to directly promote staff within their department/reporting line when there are qualified employees in the department and the job group is not reported as underutilized in the Affirmative Action Plan.


Full and part-time employees who:
● have served in their current position for over six (6) months; and
● are presently employed in a department where a vacancy exists; and
● meet or can reasonably be expected to meet the minimum qualifications of the
job within six (6) months.


There are no exceptions to this policy for Full and Part-Time employees that meet the criteria already outlined. 
Policy Content
The department initiates the job posting/direct promotion workflow.
The Chief Human Resource Officer, or designate, will:

1. review the Affirmative Action utilization analysis for the job family in which the
vacancy occurs;
2. examine the qualifications of the candidate(s) for direct promotion;
3. approve direct promotions when no underutilization exists or an existing
underutilization is not improved by the direct promotion and employees meet the
minimum requirements for the job

The Chief Human Resources Officer, or designate, will advise the department that:
The appointment of an internal candidate is appropriate as a direct promotion
That the position must be posted due to the lack of qualified internal applicants or the job
group is identified as underutilized in the most recent Affirmative Action Plan.

If only one candidate was proposed, the department communicates with and appoints the
candidate. If multiple candidates were considered, the department selects and communicates its decision to the candidates.
When a vacancy occurs within a department, employees in the department with the ability, skill,
training and other relevant qualifications to fill the opening, may be directly promoted into the
vacant position without a job posting. In the event these factors are considered equivalent
between multiple employees in the same department, the employee with the most service shall
be selected.

Any vacancy created by a direct promotion may be filled through a subsequent direct promotion
until the vacated position fails to produce a promotable internal candidate or the entry-level
position has been reached. Where either occurs the vacancy must be filled through regular
recruitment procedures.
Terms & Definitions

Terms and Definitions:



an organizational entity that has fiscal, programmatic and administrative
responsibility for employees. (Specific units are determined as appropriate by the designated
UM or campus administrator.)

The percentage of an under-represented group (i.e minorities, women, etc.)
employed in a particular job group when compared to the availability of that group in the
workforce. When the percentage is less than would reasonably be expected given their
availability, that particular job group is considered underutilized and an Affirmative Action
placement goal is established for that job group.

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