Injury/Illness Reporting Policies and Procedures

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Steps to Follow in the Event of a Work-related Injury or Illness. If an employee is injured or becomes ill as a result of his/her normal work duties, the following steps should be taken: 


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  1. The employee must report any injury/illness, no matter how minor, to the supervisor as soon as possible. Any delay may jeopardize the employee's right to worker's compensation. 
  2. The supervisor should send the employee to Health Services for the injury/illness as soon as possible (extension 8111). 
  3. The nurse will document the visit in the employee's file and prepare a state report (TWCC-1). The TWCC-1 is forwarded to Risk Management and Insurance and a report of the injury is called into our workers' compensation insurance carrier by Risk Management. If the employee is referred for off-campus medical treatment and does not agree to go, but decides to at a late date, it should be reported immediately to the Office of Risk Management at x7815. 
  4. Within 24 hours or first working day after the injury/illness, the employee's supervisor must complete a Supervisor's First Report of Employee Injury Form. This form is available for completion electronically as a Google Doc and can be accessed through the Department of Environmental Health and Safety web page. It should be returned to Osvaldo Crespo III in Environmental Health and Safety for record keeping and investigation. Please be sure that no medical records are attached to this Supervisor's First Report of Employee Injury Form. All medical documents go to the Risk Management Office. 
  5. When seeking off-campus medical service, the employee should not pay or use his/her medical insurance. Instead, provide the contact information for the workers' compensation insurance: Traveler's, P.O. Box 42927, Houston, TX 77242, 1-800-235-3610. The provider may also call the Office of Risk Management for the name, address and telephone number of our workers' compensation insurance carrier. It is the employee's responsibility to verify that the provider is on the Approved List for Worker's Compensation. The employee may access this list hereor by calling the Office of Human Resources at extension 7507 for assistance. 
  6. If the employee misses work for 24 hours or longer as a result of the injury/illness, it should be documented and reported to Human Resources immediately. The first seven days of time missed may be charged against the employee's sick leave balance. If not enough sick leave exists, vacation leave may be used, or leave without pay. The employee will automatically be place on Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). 
  7. After seven actual days of time missed, the workers' compensation insurance carrier will begin mailing check to the employee's home to cover approximately 70% of his/her regular salary. If the employee has a leave (VL or SL) balance, payroll will draw just enough from it each day to make up the other approximate 30% of the employee's regular salary. 
  8. If an employee is unable to return to work after all vacation and sick leave is exhausted, he/she will be placed in a Leave Without Pay status and will be responsible for paying the university to continue any medical, dental, life, vision, disability insurance, etc. that has been in effect. The employee, however, will still be drawing the 70% of regular salary directly from the insurance carrier. 
  9. It is important to remember that through every phase of a workers' compensation case, the employee and his/her supervisor should stay in contact with the Office of Human Resources. The Office of Human Resources should be provided with the employee's work status reports and any other information that the employee or supervisor has regarding the employee's injury, ability to return to work, etc. The Office of Human Resources will be informed immediately when an employee returns to work after an injury, (Employee must have a doctor's release to return to work) is unable to continue working because of a reported injury or dies as the result of an injury.

To protect your right to Worker's Compensation Coverage you must: 

  • Complete the Supervisor's Report of Injury, sign it & get your supervisor to sign it. 
  • Go to campus Health Services
  • Return the Supervisor's Report of Injury to Campus safety within 24 hours or by the next work day. 
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