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To specify the conditions under which the University provides allowances to a newly hired faculty or contract staff member for moving expenses incurred in taking a position with Trinity University.
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The vice president may authorize moving allowance rates as prescribed below for newly hired staff in their divisions. The President authorizes reimbursement for individuals classified as Distinguished Professors or Executive Staff and must give advance written approval of any exceptions to the prescribed moving allowance schedule.
The amount of the allowance for a particular move shall be understood to constitute the maximum commitment of University funds, rather than an entitlement of the employee. Any unused amount will not be payable to the employee for any other purposes.

Reimbursements for meals (exclude alcohol beverages), hotel, airfare and/or fuel will only be for move-related expenses incurred during the time period of the move. At the end of the move, lodging in San Antonio will be limited to one night. Entertainment or personal side trips while en route are not reimbursable.
The IRS standard mileage rate for moving purposes of 17 cents per mile (as of January 1, 2016)* will be used for reimbursement purposes.  The Purchasing Office will be informed of all newly hired employees receiving moving allowances and will communicate with the employee. The appropriate purchasing staff will assist by recommending commercial movers or give instructions on how to proceed with the move.

The Purchasing Office has budget oversight for the moving budget and is responsible for approving all reimbursement requests submitted by the hiring department on behalf of the newly hired faculty or staff member.
General Allowable expenses:
  • One household per employee (commercial mover or rental truck)
  • One storage facility outside of primary residence
  • One personal vehicle per employee
  • Packing supplies (boxes, tape, markers, packing fillers)
  • Relocation expenses ("house-hunting expenses")*
*please note that even though relocation expenses are now reimbursable under the moving policy, the moving allowance can not be exceeded unless written approval is received by the President.
  • Packing or unpacking charges
  • Boats, recreational vehicles
  • Personal collections (antiques, autos)
  • Tipping to moving companies
  • Moving of any business furniture or equipment not part of the primary residence
  • Kenneling of domestic pets
  • Alien's passport expenses
  • Storage of furniture
  • Shipment of new furniture
  • Commuting expenses
There may be some moving expenses reimbursed by Trinity University or paid to a third party on the employee's behalf that must be included in an individual's gross income as taxable wages. The Payroll Office in the Business Office is responsible for such determinations and will notify the employee if such taxable expenses exist. For further details or explanations relating to the taxability of moving expenses, contact the Payroll Office at 999-7301.



Term or visiting professors
Professional contract staff
$1,250. (less than 500 miles)
$1,500.  (more than 500 miles)
Tenure-track faculty and Directors
Distinguished Professors and Executive/Senior Administrative Staff
To be determined by the President
Terms & Definitions

Terms and Definitions:



Moving Expenses
Reasonable costs resulting from the moving of the newly hired faculty of contract staff member's household goods and possessions.
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