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The University will place a notation on a student's transcript when a student becomes ineligible to reenroll at the University for a reason other than an academic or financial reason.   The student may request the notation be removed when the student becomes eligible to reenroll or for good cause.


This policy describes the circumstances in which a notation will be placed on a student's transcript, as well as when and how a student may request the removal of a transcript notation.


All Trinity University students, including degree and non-degree seeking and undergraduate and graduate students, are covered by this policy. 


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When a student becomes ineligible to reenroll at Trinity University for a reason other than an academic or financial reason, the University will include a notation on the student’s transcript generally stating the student is ineligible to reenroll.  “Ineligible to reenroll” has the meaning included in the definition section of this policy and includes non-academic suspension, expulsion, or involuntary withdrawal with conditions for readmission.

If a student withdraws, graduates, or discontinues enrollment from the University prior to the final resolution of a disciplinary process that may result in the student becoming ineligible to reenroll, the University will not end the disciplinary process until the process reaches a final result.  If the final result renders the student ineligible to enroll at the University, the student’s transcript will include the notation required by this policy. The University may place a hold on the student's transcript and/or diploma during the pendency of the disciplinary process.

The notation will not be added until the matter has reached a final determination.  This means the notation will be effective after a decision is reached on any appeal, or the expiration of the appeal deadline, when no appeal is submitted. 

The notation may state as follows:
  • For suspension, the notation may state, “Ineligible to reenroll, regardless of instructional modality, due to nonacademic student conduct from [insert first semester of ineligibility] until [insert semester when eligible for return].”
  • For expulsion, the notation may state, “Ineligible to reenroll, regardless of instructional modality, due to nonacademic student conduct.”
  • For involuntary withdrawal, the notation may state, “Ineligible to enroll, regardless of instructional modality, for a reason other than an academic or financial reason.”
The University reserves the right to use alternative language for the transcript notation, in its sole discretion.
The notation may be removed upon a request by the student when the student is eligible to reenroll or when the institution determines there is good cause to remove the notation.  A student should submit the request in writing to the Registrar’s Office at  For a student who is eligible to reenroll, the student’s written request should state as such as the reason for the request.  For a student who is requesting that the transcript notation be removed for good cause, the student’s written request should include the rationale for the student’s belief that good causes exists to have the notation removed, as well as provide any supporting documentation.

Upon receipt of a request to remove a transcript notation, the Registrar will confer with relevant University offices, including but not limited to the Dean of Students, in making a decision regarding whether or not to remove the transcript notation. The University will only grant a request to remove a notation for “good cause” in extraordinary circumstances, as determined in its sole discretion.

This policy is effective for actions on and after September 1, 2019. The University will not include transcript notations for any student who became ineligible to reenroll prior to September 1, 2019, even if that student remains ineligible for enrollment.
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Terms and Definitions:



Ineligible to Reenroll
“Ineligible to reenroll” means a student has been suspended or expelled for violating a nonacademic University policy or has been involuntarily withdrawn with conditions for readmission.  Ineligible to reenroll does not mean a voluntary temporary withdrawal, regardless of whether there are conditions of readmission, or suspension or expulsion for violation of the Academic Honor Code or Academic and Professional Integrity Policy.  In addition, a student is not considered “ineligible to reenroll” during a period of interim suspension or when there is an administrative or financial hold on the student's account that prevents enrollment.

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