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It is the policy of Trinity University to recognize the importance of the health and safety of the University community, including its students, especially as it relates to the use, possession or consumption of alcohol. Trinity University expects not only that its students, faculty and staff will abide by the law with respect to the use, possession and consumption of alcohol, but also that students, faculty and staff will adhere to the requirements and spirit of this policy. With this purpose in mind, employees and students must act responsibly and in accordance with this policy in settings involving alcohol.


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If you would like to serve alcohol at a University sponsored event please complete the Request to Serve Alcohol Form and return to Risk Management and Insurance 5 days prior to the event. 

View the full Alcohol Policy. 

Alcohol may be served in designated areas only. Please refer to the Tailgating Policy for further details on serving alcohol outdoors. Any exceptions to policy require Executive Staff approval.

Important: To avoid delays in processing the Request to Serve Alcohol Form, please indicate as many details on the form about how you will prevent guests under 21 from being served.
Q: Is there a designated time frame to stop serving alcohol at an event? 
A: It is recommended as a best practice that the serving of alcohol cease at least 45 minutes prior to when an event is scheduled to end.

Q: Can alcohol be sold at an event? 
A: In general, no. However, ARAMARK may provide a cash bar option in the Skyline Room ONLY.

Q: Are kegs allowed? 
A: The University does not permit kegs. 

Q: Is hard liquor allowed? 
A: No, only beer and wine may be served on campus. 

Q: Do student organizations need to complete the Permission to Serve Alcohol form? 
A: No, the department of Student Involvement handles the student requests to serve alcohol. 
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