COVID-19 Faculty and Staff Travel Policy

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This policy provides information and describes travel restrictions for faculty and staff travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.


This policy applies to faculty and staff
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To continue to protect the health of our campus community from the spread of COVID-19, all international travel is discouraged and the University must review and approve all university-related or sponsored international travel until further notice. 
To submit a request, faculty and staff must consult with their immediate supervisor and the Vice President for their division, complete the Travel Risk Assessment Form,  submit a Travel Authorization and Advance Request (TAAR), and complete the form contained in Terra Dotta in advance of travel for review and approval by Risk Management and a designated committee under the process identified in the International Travel Policy
Faculty and staff who choose to engage in personal international travel should be aware of current CDC and State Department guidance regarding locations with high prevalence of COVID-19, as well as the CDC List of Countries where Travelers are Prohibited from Entry to the United States.
Faculty and staff traveling/returning from any international location must self-isolate or quarantine in accordance with Trinity’s COVID-19 Illness, Quarantine, and Isolation Policy for faculty and staff before returning to campus.  Faculty and staff are also expected to follow all current CDC Return from International Travel Guidelines.
The University is also monitoring COVID-19 related public health conditions and, therefore, asks that faculty and staff who engage in personal or university-related domestic travel be aware of the currentCDC Considerations for US Travel and CDC Travel Restrictions.
Requests for university-related or sponsored domestic travel must be approved by the respective Vice President by completing theTravel Risk Assessment Form and submitting it to the Vice President (or designee), after consultation with your Chair or Supervisor. The respective Vice President will review, seek input from Health and Wellness, and either approve or deny the travel request.
Faculty and staff engaging in personal domestic travel are encouraged to self identify and consult with their supervisor regarding how to safely return to work, including practicing self care and following safe guidelines while traveling, conducting a self screen after traveling, and possibly quarantining or isolating oneself.
Faculty and staff may be required to contact a health professional and/or quarantine in accordance with Trinity’s COVID-19 Illness, Quarantine, and Isolation Policy for faculty and staff before returning to campus. This applies to both university-sponsored and personal travel.
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