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It is the policy of the University to return injured employees to work as soon as possible in order to provide financial support, restore self-confidence in the employee and to help the University retain a valuable employee. The return to work program is designed to cover employees who will work in cooperation with the University and the attending physician. “Modified Duty” applies only to those positions that can be temporarily restructured to incorporate other duties and responsibilities and is not guaranteed.

When a Workers’ Compensation injury is reported, it is essential that all key parties (the employee, the attending physician, Trinity University and the insurance carrier) communicate frequently and consistently in order to properly bring the injured employee back to restricted or modified duties. A position description will be provided to the attending physician to ascertain limitation in the employee’s job performance. A clear, concise, unambiguous recommendation will be essential, indicating what duties the employee can be expected to perform.

Trinity University reserves the right to require the employee to see a board certified physician of the University’s choice before allowing the employee to start “Modified Duty” or return to full duty.

If the employee’s position can be temporarily modified to accommodate the restrictions recommended by the physician, Trinity University will allow the employee to return to his/her position, performing duties that will not aggravate the injury or place the employee in danger of reinjuring himself/herself. The supervisor will be informed of the specific restrictions and the employee will not be allowed to deviate from the modified duties until a release to full duty is obtained from the attending physician. When an employee is on “Modified Duty” status, regular attendance is required. If employees do not report to work, “Modified Duty” may be suspended.

Trinity University reserves the right at any time to request a re-evaluation of the “Modified Duty” status for any employee.

“Modified Duty” status will not extend beyond 90 days. At the end of the 90-day period, if the employee is unable to perform his/her normal job duties, with or without a reasonable accommodation and FMLA has been exhausted, then he/she may be released from employment with the University.

The Modified Duty Work Policy may also be applied to employees whose medical conditions are not the result of workplace injuries.
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