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Trinity University is committed to supporting all students and providing an inclusive living environment for students on campus. It is a priority for every student to feel welcome and included in their living environment. In light of this commitment and as a part of the Residential Life Office’s mission to support students by providing a comfortable living environment, University policy is changing to reflect the evolving ways we are intentionally supporting students of all gender identities and increasing inclusivity on campus. The new Gender Neutral Housing Policy (GNHP) is available for all sophomore, junior, and senior students to support the university’s Anti-harassment policy regarding housing assignments, and to respect the diversity within gender, sex, and sexuality. The Gender Neutral Housing Policy allows students to select a roommate and suitemates based upon compatibility, without the current constraints of only having access to select roommates of the same assigned sex. Trinity University rejects the use of assigned sex or gender as the default method of assigning housing. 
The Gender Neutral Housing Policy will positively impact students who under the previous policy needed to reach out to Residential Life for accommodations, and will have no impact on those students who wish to continue to live only with peers of the same gender. As this is the first year of these changes, there may be adjustments made to the policy in future years to better serve our changing student population.
All students, and most especially our queer, transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and gender expansive students should feel free to contact the Residential Life Office at any time if they have concerns or questions about their residence hall or room assignment.
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Students can change their name on the Student Housing Portal, but please be aware that assigned sex is populated directly from the Registrar's student information system. To request a name or gender marker change in the student information system, submit a completed Name/Gender Marker Change Request Form to the Registrar's Office.
Incoming first-year students are placed by assigned sex as recorded by the student in their application materials, in conjuction with separate questions that seek to understand sleep, study, and room usage preferences. Such preferences can be useful to effectively place students together and to avoid conflict.

Incoming first-year students may include specific housing needs on their online application. First-year students who want help navigating the housing assignment process should contact the Residential Life Coordinator designated on the housing application to discuss housing needs.
Unlike first-year students, sophomore, juniors, and seniors select their own roommates and suitmates. When selecting roommates on the Student Housing Portal during the housing assignments process, students will be able to match with any student who is also seeking a roommate.

In the housing assignment process, groups that are able to fill an entire suite are given priority, followed by pairs that fill an entire room, then individuals without a matched roommate. All members of a group (room or suite) must confirm each other on the housing portal to move forward in the selection process.
During the first step of the housing selection process, full suites have access to all available suites throughout the relevant area (i.e. available suites in Sophomore College for rising sophomores; available suites in the Upper-Division Area for rising juniors and seniors). At this step in the process, there is no additional designation needed.
During the second step of the housing selection process, matched roommates select their room within the available suites. After step one in the housing selection process is complete, the Housing Assignments Coordinator will designate remaining suites as mixed, male, or female, and distribute those designations evenly throughout the buildings so as not to advantage or disadvantage any roommate pair. Roommate pairs will not need to assign a designation to themselves, and will simply sign up for a room in a suite that fits their needs.
In the event that Residential Life needs to place a resident in a room, the default method will be to place a student based on assigned sex if  there is no other available information. Residential Life will not assign a student to a room or suite with students of a different assigned sex unless that is the specific request of all students involved.
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