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1. When a staff job vacancy or staff absence lasting more than 30 consecutive calendar days occurs in an office/department, the supervisor of that area may request Temporary Pay Differential for any staff member who is required to perform duties ordinarily assigned to the vacant position or absent staff member. Temporary Pay Differential will not exceed 10% of the regular salary of the staff member performing the additional duties.

2. Written requests for Temporary Pay Differential must be submitted to the vice president of the area and must include the following:
  • Brief details regarding the reason for the request.
  • Outline of specific duties assigned to another staff member.
  • Suggested amount of pay differential for the staff member, not to exceed 10% of his/her regular salary.
  • Anticipated length of time of Temporary Pay Differential.
  • Availability of funding or need for additional funding.

3. If the vice president endorses the request, that request will be forwarded to Human Resources or to the Vice President for Finance and Administration for final approval, as follows:
  • No additional funding needed: Human Resources.
  • Additional funding needed: Vice President for Finance and Administration.

4. If final approval is received, the Temporary Pay Differential may take effect on the first day of the job vacancy or staff absence and will continue until (a) the first day of the new staff members employment with the University; (b) the first day of the absent staff members return to work; or (c) a maximum period of six months whichever event occurs first.
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