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The process of keeping personnel records current begins with the supervisors. Failure to process personnel changes in a timely manner may result in misunderstandings with employees, loss of pay and loss of employee benefits.

Changes in address or legal status should be reported immediately in writing to the Human Resources Office, since these types of changes frequently affect taxes and insurance benefits.

Information concerning verification of employment, status or compensation will not be released without the expressed written permission of the employee. The Human Resources Office will furnish information to governmental and other agencies in cases where they are legally authorized to receive such information.

The University does not assume responsibility for the financial obligations of its employees.

Disciplinary written warnings will become a part of a classified employee’s personnel file. I-9 records, medical records, records relating to disabilities, FMLA and claims pertaining to occupational injuries/diseases will be maintained separate and apart from personnel records. 

Classified employees may review their personnel files at an agreed upon time with a professional staff member of the Human Resources Office.
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