Values-based Policy: Respect for Community

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In order to create a University environment in which civility, decency, and respect are honored, Trinity University has established standards of behavior.


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to students on what is considered unacceptable behavior. 


This policy applies to all current students.


There are no exceptions.
Policy Content
Students are expected to respect the standards that form the foundation of a civil community through personal integrity. Examples of unacceptable behavior include, but are not limited to, the following:
  1. Theft
  2. Possession of stolen or illegal property
  3. Lying
  4. Cheating
  5. Falsification of records
  6. Disruption
  7. Disorderly conduct
  8. Indecency
  9. Possession/ownership or use of a weapon or an item intended to be used as a weapon
  10. Unauthorized entry into buildings or spaces.
  11. Failure to identify one’s self, evasion of University officials, failure to respond to a reasonable request of a University official, harassment and/or belittling of staff performing their duties.
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